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Earthwerks has the some of the hottest new styles in Vinyl designs. Their latest includes; Avante,Aurora, Cocktail, Linkwerks, Luxury plank and Luxury Tile. Stop by and ask our experts how these fashions can work for you.
We carry the latest in Vinyl from Earthwerks
stands for beautiful design in every way possible. They have custom designs for both residential & commercial. Ask our experts how there products can fit your needs.
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Strength, performance, luxury and style are built into all of the flooring products you will find under the EarthWerks brand name. We have looked all over the globe to find floor coverings that will provide you with lasting beauty at affordable prices.

Every EarthWerks product has been designed to give you the feel of its natural counterpart. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then hardwood flooring, metal and natural stone tiles have never been more complimented.

Earthwerks brings the freshness of nature indoors for a year-round natural effect. Each one of our collections is quite unique with new and exciting designs and colors to offer customers eye-catching looks that bring lasting beauty as well as functionality to your rooms.

When you buy EarthWerks® products, you know you are being “green conscious” because all of our luxury vinyl tiles and planks are recyclable and manufactured in ISO 14001/9001 energy – efficient facilities. G4L® by EarthWerks® is your assurance that all of our products include many of the following attributes:

• Contains recycled content
• Has the ability to be repurposed and used again
• Can be reclaimed and recycled into other products
Earthwerks Vinyl Flooring at Cobbs Carpet & Floorcovering Earthwerks Vinyl Flooring at Cobbs Carpet & Floorcovering Earthwerks Vinyl Flooring at Cobbs Carpet & Floorcovering