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Tarkett has the ultimate design collection.
Tarkett has created one of the largest vinyl collection with unique designs, colours and textures to match consumer tastes, modern lifestyles and the needs of every type of room. Discover more than 250 novelties, available
We carry the latest in tile from Tarkett. Come discover Tarkett's 13 collections of timeless best selling designs.. Ask our experts how there products can fit your needs.
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Trends are the phenomenon that influences our lives. Our home life has become our center. We spend more and more time at home and its become essential to feel well inside our space.

Every year, Tarkett international Design teams explore the emerging colours, textures, materials and life styles inspiring stylists, architects and designers worldwide. From this we are able to enrich our collections of designs to ensure floors that will coordinate and enhance interior spaces with the objects, furniture and equipment used within them.

Tarkett is a leader in environmentally responsible manufacturing and has been pursuing the development of sustainable products for decades.
Our wide choice of flooring allows us to offer customized solutions in terms of budgets, product performance and sustainability. We call this approach Balanced Choice
Tarkett Vinyl Flooring at Cobbs Carpet & Floorcovering Tarkett Vinyl Flooring at Cobbs Carpet & Floorcovering Tarkett Vinyl Flooring at Cobbs Carpet & Floorcovering